About Us

20 Degrees is a team of innovative, irreverent optimists changing the culture of philanthropy and the business of childcare. Our background in financial management, planning, and organizational leadership is complemented by our experience in the nonprofit and early childhood education spaces. Let’s work together to find your magic angle for organizational excellence.

The Quest Begins

In early 2018, two long-time friends met for a drink and left with a company. What we saw from our respective lenses (engineer-turned-corporate funder and corporate strategist-turned-fundraising executive) was that the philanthropic revenue model was broken. Since then we formally put the old ways on notice and pursued new conversations around money, sustainability, and hope.

Why 20 Degrees?

Like many, we have spent countless hours skipping rocks on bodies of water, finding the pastime equal parts fun and meditative. Reflecting one day on why finding new sources of revenue seemed impossible, we likened the problem to rock skipping. Skipping a rock far into the water may seem impossibly difficult. But if you find the key angle, you turn luck into predictability.

As it turns out, 20 degrees is the optimal angle for skipping rocks on water. And we're here to help you find the perfect angle to solve the problem of scarcity — by bringing abundance through resources, knowledge, and oxygen.