Endurance Programming

Our specialty is in building financial resilience, but we’re all about shoring up the basic fundamentals too. After all, it’s a lot easier to pivot when you have a steady surface beneath you.

We speak from experience: Since 2020, we have partnered with institutions in Washington, D.C., and Baltimore to bolster their local nonprofits who were facing the unique challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis and an unsustainable philanthropic model. Our commitment was to ensure the continued survival, endurance, and growth of these vital organizations.

In support of that commitment, we provided the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary for increased community impact and true organizational sustainability. And what we found was that in the midst of the tumult brought by COVID-19, the recession and the ongoing issue of systemic injustice, there was also hope, innovation, and relentless endurance.

But what people really wanted (and needed!) was the opportunity to connect — and that's exactly what Endurance Programming does. Designed for staff members who are in charge of strategy, budgets, and fundraising/finance, we've found the greatest impact is when your CEO/Executive Director participates, alongside one other staff member.

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You can expect group gatherings and individual coaching/working sessions over the course of a 6-9 month period. We recognize and respect that your time is the most valuable resource, and have built this specifically to ensure that you get real, measurable value from participating in the Endurance Program.

"I was skeptical that this would be helpful but after this session, I'm excited." -Nonprofit leader engaged in Endurance Baltimore

Bonus: Organizations that have graduated from Endurance should consider the Earned Revenue Studio as a next stop!