Take the Leap With Us

Rocks are supposed to sink. But when thrown at the right angle, they jump.
When we help people discover the right angle — 20 Degrees — your ideas can leap and skip.

Do you struggle with:


Where revenue will come from in the coming days, months, or years?

Let's work through this question together as part of our Financial Planning Services, where we can help build out your revenue roadmap.


Finding ways to support and uplift the Early Childcare sector?

The Early Childcare business model is broken. We're adept at helping providers grow confident in their financial position while getting their back-office needs met.


Internal capacity or human capital to implement new revenue or philanthropy ideas?

Philanthropy+ might be the answer! We can help you create an infrastructure that sets you up for greater success using available resources.


Recognizing when crucial voices are missing from the current conversation?

When we plan for your future, we're thinking about who is in the room — just as much as who is not and probably should be.

How We Help

20 Degrees helps organizations re-evaluate their systems and structures, allowing them to move away from traditional philanthropic models and define their own future. Through customized solutions, we're helping organizations set the groundwork for long-term sustainability.

Uncover our solutions below:

Our Impact

Degrees: the optimal angle for skipping rocks on water — and the foundation for our name.
Of clients feel more confident & comfortable with their financial position post-engagement
Of clients felt more connected to others in their field and less alone as a result of our engagement
Of earned revenue clients bring in new revenue tied to their new venture within two years

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