Philanthropy +

We’ve seen the limits of a philanthropy-only approach and know there’s a better solution. That’s why we’re going for Philanthropy+.

Whether it’s the diversification of revenue streams, revisioning the role of a board, or anticipating where your organization can go, we’ll create a pathway for financial and organizational sustainability that puts your mission back in the captain’s seat. When we work together, there’s no limit to how far we can go.

We provide a systematized approach to growing revenue and acquiring new impact capital. We help add complementary revenue streams to your existing income. And we can work with you to test holistic revenue models and bring more predictability to income. Our process has helped dozens of organizations blend charitable and non-charitable dollars into one cohesive approach — ensuring that their missions are driving budgets, not the other way around.

And if you need support with traditional philanthropy, we can do that too! We have deep expertise on our team, with team members having worked on both sides of the funding table. We can help you strengthen your traditional fundraising efforts, while also exploring and launching new revenue ventures.

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We aren't your average consultants. We understand that this entire process is complicated, which is why we act as an extension of your staff and do the work alongside you. That's why it's Philanthopy +.