Assessment and Financial Model Contractor

Assessment and Financial Model Contractor

20 Degrees

Fall 2023


Our team is seeking someone who wants to bring their technical skills in financial modeling, due diligence and coaching to the front lines of social change.  20 Degrees is expanding its work with nonprofits who are seeking to better understand their finances and build a stronger revenue and financial future. If you are excited about building accessible financial models, learning about 20 Degrees Revenue Readiness Assessment and love interacting with leaders seeking to grow their own financial acumen, then this position may be right for you. This is a project-based 1099 role, but could become a full or part-time position.


In this contract role, you will be an important contributor to the 20 Degrees Social Finance team as it expands its work with local and national nonprofits who are asking real questions about sustainability, growth management and financial stability.  Your role will be to deliver hands-on support to the social finance team and nonprofit leaders with financial models, assessments, analysis and coaching. The role will report to the Social Finance Director, and involve regular interaction with the two co-founders. This role will start as a three-month contract but after the initial period, can be a longer-term contract role.


20 Degrees Project Support Needs

Note: 20 Degrees is seeking one to two contractors to support some or all of the projects below. Interested candidates should confirm their availability and capacity when applying.

  • Financial Model Creation (up to 3 models/month)–est. time 20-40 hours/month
    • Nonprofits are seeking 20 Degrees assistance in creating financial models as they seek to understand the impacts of events like: significant new investments, potentially new program creation, different funding scenarios, launching new fundraising efforts and other management questions. 20 Degrees has a set of core model templates that the contractor will need to modify and customize to clients’ needs. Occasional custom model design may also be part of the role. With all of our models, we seek to create designs that are technically sound, yet accessible to people who might have different levels of comfort with finance.
  • Revenue Assessment and Financial Analysis (up to 4 per month)–estimated time 10-45 hours a month
    • The 20 Degrees Revenue Readiness Assessment ascertains an organization’s readiness to capture or create new forms of revenue and offers a point-in-time audit of the organization in key strategic areas that are often not captured through traditional reporting. The 20 Degrees Revenue Assessment is meant to highlight areas that require attention and development as well as areas of strength that should be leveraged to accelerate growth and increase sustainability. The assessment focuses on both earned revenue readiness as well as opportunities to grow philanthropic revenue as well. This well-received product has been deployed nationally and across revenue sizes of nearly five years and has offered organizations unmatched insights. The customized analysis tool has a specific, documented methodology that combines the best of existing due diligence and adds additional components that leaders need to determine how ready they are to go to the next level of financial sustainability.
      • As part of some of the assessments, the contractor will also be responsible for conducting financial ratio analysis and an ‘integrated financial spreadsheet’ of the organization’s financial statements
      • There are different versions of the assessment. The contractor may be asked to conduct a lighter version of the Signature Assessment as well as its social enterprise equivalent.

What Success Looks Like in this Role

Success in this role will be judged first and foremost by client feedback on the delivery of financial models and revenue assessments. We want the nonprofit leaders and internal staff to support them with accurate models and reports that deliver helpful insights that use the 20 Degrees Assessment methodology. At 20 Degrees we measure both the quality of the delivery itself as well as whether it was done so in alignment with our values and with humility and professionalism.  Success will also be measured by how you step into this work as a collaborator with the 20 Degrees team and contribute to the team’s overall performance against deadlines.


Qualifications That Make You a Star

  • 10+ years of financial analysis, due diligence or financial model creation in a nonprofit or small business setting.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of nonprofit funding and revenue methods.
  • Strong writing skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to translate more complex financial concepts into simple and approachable explanations
  • Deep proficiency in Microsoft Excel and a willingness to also operate in Google sheets.
  • Comfort with explaining final project deliverables to clients and team members with different levels of financial knowledge and background.
  • 10+ years of experience with nonprofit or small business financial statements (P&L, Balance Sheet Cash Flow, audits, 990s, etc)
  • Proven project management skills, ability to self manage and collaborate with a team
  • CPA, MBA or equivalent lived experience preferred


What You Bring that Enables Success

  • Demonstrated ability to complete projects independently in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision after the initial training.
  • A knack for paying high attention to detail.
  • A desire to work with nonprofit leaders and a growing team.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities to work effectively with providers and other stakeholders who have different levels of comfort with finance.
  • Willingness to align with the 20 Degrees values in the work: Scarcity Slaying, Irreverent Optimism, Anti-Racist, Truth Tellers and Field Builders. What that means, is we push for solutions with curiosity and joy, even when the problem is hard.
  • Deadline and detail-oriented, but open to seeing the bigger picture that these projects fit into.


Additional Information

This contract role is remote. The compensation for this contract position will be on a deliverable-based arrangement.


About 20 Degrees

20 Degrees is a team of innovative, irreverent optimists changing the culture of philanthropy and the business of early education. Our background in financial management and entrepreneurship is complemented by our experience in fundraising, grantmaking, and organizational leadership. With our growing shared services and back-office programs, we continue to ensure our provider-centric approach delivers new business solutions for child care leaders so educators, families and most importantly, children, all benefit. 20 Degrees’ work as well as its COVID-19 Toolkit for Nonprofit Leaders has been featured by The Washington Post, WAMU, Impact Alpha, Chronicle of Philanthropy, The Washington Business Journal and numerous other impact news outlets. Learn more here:


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